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Automatic ultrasonic cleaning plants for Tires

Before / after cleaning, details of spring vents, cleaned.
Automatic ultrasonic cleaning plants for Glass Moulds

Before / after cleaning, details of spring vents, cleaned.
Ultrasonic plant with automatic loading & unloading werehouse

Before / after cleaning.

Innovative system
The team of specialists Ecotecne has come up with an innovative ultrasonic high cavitation cleaning system for glass moulds.
According to Ecotecne, this technology, which has been developed in collaboration with Henkel, offers a faster microcleaning/molecular process compared to traditional sand blasting systems; the process is achieved by means of submersion in ultrasonic tanks that contain alkaline and acid solutions, powered by very strong cavitation.
Patented ®

The entire system is controlled by a PLC and exploits robot-controlled handling systems.
The whole assembly is compact, handy, versatile, economic and ecologic.
The integrity of the moulds is guaranteed by over 80% of their average life cycle (molecular micro sandblasting).
According to Ecotecne, the system operates in compliance with environmental safeguard standards.

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1.800.000 bottles 800.000 bottles
maintain brilliance and smooth flow of forming glass inside the mould mechanically aggressive with altered roughness of moulds
savings of raw material due to unchanged dimensions of the mould cavity

Surface cleaned with ultrasonic system
(300x - 80 µm *)

Sandblasted surface
(300x - 80 µm *)
Comparative examples

Semi-automatic system type "LIFT 2" with buffer tank and filtering pump

Ultrasonic tank complete with pneumatic lifting system, buffer tank, filtering and oil separator system.
Patented ®
Automatic multi-station ultrasonic system

PLC-controlled automatic plant, complete with loading and unloading units, robot-controlled handling and automatic level restore system.
The plant is also complete with buffer tanks and filtering pumps, fumes extractor and front protection screen.
Patented ®
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