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Applications for Extracts

Layout Extraction Cycle


US Reactor RA-ECO 40

The transducer (reactor) consists of a new ceramic material combined with the AISI 316/S – 3 mm stainless steel supporting vibrating plates that are screwed on and press-glued with silicone conformal coating that extends the working life of the transducers.

Dimensions:                   1100 x 230 x 180 mm, 4800 w, 25 kHz – 34 kg.
Cavitation power:          2000 W/liter.

System with Extracts Tank Mod. RA 40/2

TR 2000 Tangential Reactor RA-ECO 30+30

Patented cylindrical chamber transducer with tangential cavitation.
The product to be treated is macerated inside the chamber, where the process is ensured by strong instantaneous cavitation.  Most suitable for treating white and black grapes.

ES 15-ECO 10 Ultrasonic Grinder

AISI 304 stainless steel cylindrical tank with internal stirrer.
15 litre cavity, high cavitation density: 70 – 100 w/liter
Model ECO 10 digital ultrasound generator, 1000 w / 28 khz.

ES 500 Eco RA/1 500 lt Extractor with Shredder/Shaker

Extractor combined with a recirculation pump with rubber impeller and a stirrer/shredder, for the extraction of active ingredients from a substance much faster than traditional maceration and at the same time lowers the bacterial load. Its production capacity, in the standard version, is around 500 l/h, but it also allows smaller quantities to be processed, while the version with two reactors allows the hourly production to be doubled.
The agitator/shredder and the pump are equipped with inverters. This allows adjustment of the speed or flow rate of the system.
The entire structure of the connecting pipes is made of stainless steel, with DIN40/DIN50 type fittings, easily removable and washable.
The tank is equipped with an upper loading/inspection door equipped with a safety microswitch, an external level indicator and a lateral manhole cover for washing and emptying the solids.



WEIGHT:                300 kg
ABSORPTION:       8.50 kW
POWER SUPPLY:  1 single-phase 2P+E 32A socket
                               1 three-phase 3P+E 16A socket
TANK:                   Nominal capacity 800 litres
                              Workable capacity 500 litres
DIMENSIONS:      1,781 x 750 x h 2,173 mm