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Ultrasound for Industrial Uses


The high-power generators are FM and supplied by the single-phase and/or three-phase line with the load distributed equally over the three phases, the ideal solution for offsetting imbalances in the user’s network and piloting an unlimited number of transducers. The power technology uses special devices.

Transducer Elements

Each piezoelectric element can vibrate at 22, 28, 38 and 48 Khz and at 50, 100, 122 and 240 W on both single phase and three-phase lines.
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Immersible Transducers

Transducers made entirely of AISI 316/L steel that are corrosion-proof mainly because of chromium carbide precipitation. We can supply large vibrating surfaces up to 6000 cm2.

Pressurized Immersion Transducer


The flanged transducers consist of a matrix of the latest generation of vibrating elements that have been tested, tuned, individually approved and isolated by interposing silicone conformal coating that is adapted to the area to which it is applied to ensure good electric properties, low humidity permeability and guaranteed mechanical durability.

Special Applications

Transducers with very high cavitation for continuous treatment of liquids that uses DSP (Digital Signal Processing) generators to scan frequencies to enable the cavitation process to be standardized and optimized.

Square Section Transducers


Focused and Pulsed Transducers with Different Configurations