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single-phase and tri-phase
2000 watt/lt dinamic
for wine and beverage production

Ecotecne Mission

The company focuses on the use of ultrasound for the most widely varying applications, from cleaning to micro cleaning of moulds for the glass containers, or with specific solutions for the tyre moulds and eyewear industries.  Over the last few years, we have started to research the use of ultrasound to improve the processes of winemaking and extraction of medical plants from the most widely varying origins, collaborating with university institutes and industry experts.

We are present at GLASSTEC


Market Sectors

Ultrasuoni Ecotecne

Focused and pulsed cavitation with hight efficiency, achieved by using special device.

Patented ®

  • Tyre mould automatic line
  • Semiautomatic and automatic mould washing line for glass containers
  • Die-casting moulds washing line
  • Automatic eye ware finishing line

Patented ®

The process involves ultrasound washing and possible polishing of the inner surface of the moulds by chips combined with a double vertical and horizontal vibration. The chips used, of different shapes and composition, ensure perfect and complete polishing of the contact surface.

Patented ®

Specific applications for extracting and concentrating essences of medicinal herbs (leaves or powders).

Patented ®

The technology enables the time of maceration of white and red grapes to be reduced and winemaking costs to be cut whilst at the same time reducing or optimizing the use of SO2 and certain exogenous enzymes.

Patented ®

Special applications for:

  • stripping
  • biodiesel
  • ultracleaning by PVD tecnology
  • recovery of hydrocarbons from emulsions.

Patented ®