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Washing and Microcleaning

Innovative System

The team of Ecotecne specialists has devised an innovative high cavitation ultrasound washing system for cleaning and washing moulds for hollow glass. According to Ecotecne, this system developed in our laboratories is a microcleaning process that is faster than traditional cleaning and is achieved by immersion in ultrasound tanks containing alkaline and acid solutions.  Patented ®

Industrial Automation

The entire system is PLC-controlled and uses robotized carriages. It is compact, practical, flexible, cheap and environmentally friendly. The moulds are guaranteed against wear for over 80% of their average life cycle. According to Ecotecne, the entire process complies with all environmental standards. 

Using Ultrasound Compared with Sandblasting


±2.200.000 Bottles

±1.000.000 Bottles

Maintain brillance and smooth flow of forming glass inside the mould

Mechanically aggressive with altered roughness of moulds

Saving of row material due to unchanged dimension of the mould cavity


Ultrasonic washed surface (300x -80 µm*)

Sandblasted surface (300x -80 µm*)

Tyre mould cleaning line

Before and after washing process and particular cleaning of vent holes

Glass mould cleaning line

Before and after washing process and particular cleaning of vent holes

"Fully Automatic" washing line for glass moulds

Before and after cleaning process

"Lift 2” Semiautomatic Plant with Recycling Tank and Filter

Ultrasound tank with pneumatic lifting, recycling, filtering and oil skimming. Patented ®

Ultrasound Washing System for SC500 Screw Tappers

Automatic Ultrasound Line for Pickling Small Metal Parts

ROTOLIFT Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Powerful and versatile system for cleaning small metal parts, equipped with a rotating basket,which allows for a better final clean of the treated product.
Multiple customizations possible upon specific customer request.

Dimensions:                 1220 x 1150 x h 2200 mm
Structure:                      steel AISI 304/2 mm
Tank capacity:              210 lt
Tank dimensions:        800 x 530 x 470 mm
Basket dimensions:     480 x 315 x h 200 mm
N° 1 transducer with sonotrodes from 28 kHz to 120 W
N° 1 ultrasonic generator mod. ECO 30 Digit at 28 kHz

Comparative Examples