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Special Applications


Automatic System for Stripping Brake Discs

ECO SV2500 Ultrasonic Paint Removal of Alloy Wheels

The line was specifically designed for paint stripping, any maintenance and/or repainting of alloy wheels. The system is totally automatic and only requires loading and unloading operations. It is totally closed circuit with treatment of gaseous waste in order to have zero pollutants in the atmosphere and is therefore equipped with a tower for fume abatement. Equipped with external filtering systems, specifically dedicated to cleaning the treatment tanks with chemical products, both from the supernatant paints and from the processing residues that are deposited. This guarantees an extension of the use of chemical products. The system is made up of 5 tanks:
• n° 3 tanks for chemical treatment + ultrasound + hydrokinetics;
• n° 1 hydrokinetic washing and rinsing tank with water only;
• n° 1 drying tank.

SC2/L/550 Ultrasonic Stripping Plant

LRI Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning + Infrared Drying

Made wholly of stainless steel with 1” discharge valve for easy maintenance and rapid tank drainage. The piezos used are 50 w and 40 khz, whilst heating is provided by 300 w resistors on the front and rear walls. Drying is by a 4500 mc/h fan and 1300 w infrared lamps

UNI LIFT Automatic Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic module with single vertical section, ideal for the surface treatment of delicate metal parts: ultracleaning, passivation and drying by blowing, entirely built in 304 and 316L stainless steel.

External dimensions:     800 x 640x h 2050 mm
Tank dimensions:           550 x 290 x h 250 mm
Tank capacity:                 40 liters
Ultrasound power:         1100 W – 28 kHz
Consumption:                 3 kW – 230 V – 50/60 Hz



The R&D department of Ecotecne S.r.l., has patented the ultrasound reactor (RA) to produce biodiesel and recover hydrocarbons from bilge emulsions, concentrated on the design of new architecture for the generator – ultrasounds – reactor system. The resulting output is a powerful and flexible ultrasound apparatus that is completely Italian made.

The transducer (reactor) consists of a new ceramic material and is connected to the AISI 316/S – 3 mm stainless steel supporting vibrating plates that are screwed on and press-glued with silicone conformal coating that extends the working life of the transducers.

Dimensions:                  1100 x 230 x 180 mm, 4800 w, 25 kHz – 34 kg.
Cavitation power:          2000 W/liter

VCD Low Temperature Vacuum Condensing Drying

Forno a Condensazione Ecotecne